Server Rules

We run age 18 servers so we do not mind the odd swearing here and there, we are all adults, but i stress again. ANY racist remarks will get you banned permanently.
By clicking ok when you connect to the server you are agreeing to the rules listed above, if you break the rules you will be banned from the server for 1 min - permanently.
If you cannot comply with the rules do not join the servers in the first place it will save you getting banned.
1. No Cheating (using any illegal cheats, hacks or scripts)

2. No Russian walking of any kind, inc Bunny jumping, crouch/tap/walking

3. No racism at all towards anyone at ALL.

4. No using bad rates to gain an advantage. Rate 18000-50000 cl_updaterate 60-101 cl_cmdrate 60-101 ex_interp 0

5. No Advertising on the server. Do not post any other website on screen except this one.

6. No Mic spamming, playing music or whistling over the mic.

7. Do not verbally abuse anyone, especially our female members or any other female on the server.

8. No Bullying, some people can't take your jokes and could feel threatened or victimized by what your saying. Don't purposely upset any player on the server.

9. We use a snapshot plugin. When an admin takes a snapshot of you, you will be asked to get into spectate and show us the snapshot. It will be found in your czero folder. Do not edit this file. Ignoring this procedure will get you permanent banned. 

10. No purposely TeamFlashing this will get you kicked, if you persist on team flashing you will be banned, depending on your attitude depends on how long you are banned for.

11. Conduct your self in an orderly fashion, These are our servers at the end of the day we pay for them we maintain them, we police them. If ANY ONE has a bad attitude on the forums of on the servers we will remove them permanently, if we feel you are making the atmosphere on our servers bad we have the right to remove you at any time after all if we are paying for the server we can choose who can and can't play on them. If you give us any trouble or problem be prepared to be removed.